Innovative Cabinets and Woodworks 

Innovative Style with Integrity


Component Feature Because

Cabinet Sides

3/4" thick  

Provides strength without the weight.

Back Panel

1/4" thick full height

Full height back panels add strength. Easier to install.

Base Cabinet Braces

1/2" thick l-beams

I-beams give better stability & rigidity versus comer blocks.

Top/Bottom Panels

3/4" thick captured

Provides strength & durability without the weight.

Face Frame

3/4" thick solid hardwood

Provides strength & rigidity to ensure cabinet stays square.

Drawer Box

1/2" thick solid hardwood

Provides the strength, look & feel of fine furniture.

Drawer Runner

Full-Custom as desired

Concealed runners provide quieter operation and give the look & feel of fine furniture if desired.


Concealed with 3-way adjustment

Provides adjustability for that perfect fit.

Adjustable Shelves

3/4" thick full depth

Provides maximum storage, strength to hold 15 lbs. per sq. ft.

Door Styles Options

Full-Custom as desisred

Multiple options for decor and price points.

Integral Toe kick         3/4" between cabinet sides Captured toe kicks add strength & rigidity to the cabinet         




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